Keep your remote team connected

Working from home can be lonely. Hallway schedules breaks for your teams to connect in timed video chat "break rooms". They feel just like hallway convos!


Bring your own video chat or use ours

User our timed video chat rooms with countdown timers and break extensions or just roll your own Zoom or Google Meet

Customize every channel

Add Hallway to a Slack channel and set the frequency, scheduled times, timezone and working hours for breaks


Understand how your team is bonding with weekly analytics reports

Used by 500+ teams at companies like

Featured in TechCrunch and the Wall Street Jounral




Completely customizable for your team's social needs

You can setup Hallway to work exactly the way you want in any Slack channel

Set working hours and timezones

Globally distributed teams can have breaks when it makes sense for them

Random or scheduled

Make the conversations spontaneously happen a couple times a day or schedule them for specific times

On-demand breaks

Feeling restless? Just type /hallway break and start a break instantly and chat with whoever's around

team bonding.png

Team bonding via Slack break rooms

Make sure your team is talking to each other even if they're not physically together. Hallway gives teams the nudge they need to start chatting

Use cases

We've seen teams successfully use Hallway in different ways

Virtual break rooms to boost team spirit

Perfect for managers trying to keep your team social and energized. One of our users turned it into a team drinking game. We're not recommending it, but It's up to you!

Slack communities to bring people closer

Bring your community closer by having them strike conversations with other members

New employee onboarding

Have a new batch of employees starting on Monday? Add them to a channel with Hallway and a few current employees so that they have a chance to meet people


Free to get started in 3 channels!

Just re-add the app to Slack and hit Upgrade to get on the paid plan and remove limits for $30/mo

Contact us for enterprise pricing