How do I install Hallway?

Just click on the Add to Slack button at hallway.chat. Scroll down or see here for an installation video.

How do you suggest I set up Hallway?

We recommend adding Hallway to channels with ~30 active members with people interested in connecting on a regular basis. For example, drop it in the #engineering-team, #plant-parents or #bookclub channels to encourage folks to take a break and connect, just like they would if they bumped into each other in the hallway at the office.

How do I use Hallway?

Once installed in your Slack workspace, simply invite the Hallway bot to a channel where you want to talk with your team or friends.

1. Type "/invite @hallway" in a channel to add it.
2. Then make sure it's turned on by typing "/hallway on"
3. Type "/hallway" to configure it

How do I set the frequency, timezone, working hours and break length?

Just type "/hallway" in the channel to customize your settings for that channel

How do I stop Hallway from posting?

Just type "/hallway off". Type "/hallway on" to turn it back on again

How do I upgrade to the paid plan?

Go to hallway.chat, click Add to Slack, click Upgrade once you've connected Slack and pay to add it to as many channels as you want

How do I schedule breaks at specific times?

Type "/hallway" in the channel to open up settings and you should see a text input field where you can enter times for your scheduled breaks. This will override the recurring meetings Hallway normally posts

How do I setup 1:1 roulette style chats?

Just open up settings by typing "/hallway" and select the "Private roulette" option

What happens if I don't want to be bothered with 1:1 chats in a channel?

If you were invited to join a 1:1 break but clicked the "Not interested in breaks" button, we won't bug you again. If you change your mind, just go to the original channel and type "/hallway participate" to start getting invited to 1:1 breaks again.

How do I use Hallway in a larger team?

Contact us at [email protected]

Can I take an unscheduled break?

Sure thing! Just type "/hallway break" to initiate a video chat room

Can I get analytics on how my team is using Hallway?

Yes! If you installed Hallway in your workspace and are on a paid plan, you'll get a weekly email on usage across channels. Just type "/hallway analytics" in any channel to toggle this on or off