How do I install Hallway?

Just click on the Add to Slack button at hallway.chat

How do I use Hallway?

Once installed in your Slack workspace, simply invite the Hallway bot to a channel where you want to talk with your team or friends. Type @hallway in a channel to add it.

How do I set the frequency, timezone, working hours of prompts?

Hallway will ping your team with an @here every 2 hours by default between 9 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday. If you want to set your timezone or adjust this frequency, just type /hallway in the channel to customize your settings for that channel

How do I stop Hallway from posting?

Just type /hallway off. Type /hallway on to turn it back on again

I reached my free limit on video chat rooms and don't want to pay

No worries. Just type /hallway in the channel and add your own Zoom/Meet/Slack video link. If you do want to get on a paid plan for a discount, just share Hallway on social media and email us a link.

How do I upgrade to the paid plan?

Go to hallway.chat, click Add to Slack, click Upgrade once you've connected Slack and pay to get unlimited video conferences

How do I schedule breaks at specific times?

Type /hallway in the channel to open up settings and you should see a text input field where you can enter times for your scheduled breaks. This will override the recurring meetings Hallway normally posts

How do I use Hallway at a large company for over 5 channels?

Contact us at [email protected] and we'll get you personally set-up

Can I take an unscheduled break?

Sure thing! Just type /hallway break to initiate a video chat room

Can I get analytics on how my team is using Hallway?

Yes! If you installed Hallway in your workspace, you'll get a weekly email on usage across channels. Just type /hallway analytics in any channel to toggle this on or off